Wins for the Kids

So many North Carolina families are asking for school choice scholarships, it’s hard for the state to keep up with the demand.

While traditional public school enrollment declines nationwide, Florida’s expanding school choice options have Catholic enrollment zooming in the Sunshine State.

The Louisiana House of Representatives has passed Bill 71, which requires all schools that receive state funding to display the Ten Commandments.

The Ohio Department of Education has approved nearly 90,000 scholarships during the state’s first year of universal school choice.

Disney is dropping its lawsuits against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, apparently giving up its fight against his decision to pull the massive corporation’s special status as its own government that was granted to the Magic Kingdom years ago.

During the nationwide resurgence of Christian education, Catholic schools are celebrating their continued success.

Utah public schools will now have the ability to teach the Ten Commandments after a new law was passed in the Legislature.

An Ohio-based religious instruction program is bringing the Bible to public school students during school hours in what is called released time instruction.

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