Our Vision

We strive to build an America where freedom, and choice exists for all students!

Now more than ever, we need champions to ensure the next generation of Americans are raised to pursue American Exceptionalism, Free Markets, American Values, and the American Dream.
That’s why The National School Board Leadership Council exists.

Our experts are developing solutions to education’s biggest challenges, such as:
  • Improving educational outcomes and opportunity
  • Education funding
  • Stopping anti-American initiatives
  • Building stronger families by pursuing the American dream
  • Helping disadvantaged communities to reach out of poverty
  • And so much more...

Uniting - Together - Team

We are all stronger and effective when we work together.  Teaching philosophies that cause division unnecessarily are in opposition to creating a civil society and providing for domestic tranquility.  Society works better when we can all work with each other.  It is a parent’s responsibility/duty to teach their child - not the state’s. 

American schools should teach the concepts and history that have made America exceptional - acknowledging that America is not perfect. But we should not be so focused on our mistakes to ignore the beauty of America.


Our public education system has become less interested in excellence in academics and has become the center of social-emotional manipulations rather than focusing on Reading, English, Math and Science.

The importance of academic success in the core curriculum has faded in public education to be replaced with emotional learning, psychological abuses and political ideology.  An educator’s job is to convey knowledge of the academic subjects in a manner that can be best absorbed by students to prepare them to benefit the student and to make their place in society.


We have a vision of a school’s administrative environment being centered around providing transparency to the public.  Transparency means that documents and data are presented in a manner that the public understands and is given in full disclosure to inform them. The records and data should be easily accessed and fully available to any member of the public and not withheld for a political spin or other special interest purposes. 

Changing the Paradigm

Research shows that greater parental involvement helps to produce greater academic success for students.  We want the primary and personal responsibility for the education of children to be that of their parents.  The tone we envision is the state stands ready to assist all parents in their educational efforts, by giving parents the ability to choose the best education system for their children. 


Public education excels when there is competition.  Competition ensures accountability.  America must strive to provide an environment of robust competition for educational services to ensure exceptional education at exceptional prices.  Public schools should welcome this competition.

Public Right

The public (taxpayers) have a right to know where their dollars are being spent and whether they are getting good value for their money. This can only be achieved by comparing an evaluation of the aptitude of students and gauging their success to an agreed-upon standard, aka, minimum competency.

Learning Disabled, Mentally Handicapped, and Special Needs

America's education system should actively pursue providing specialty services that create a safe atmosphere for the learning-challenged to pursue their efforts to become a benefit to society. 

Students who are learning challenged can consume a lot of a teacher’s time and resources, this means less time for students that are not learning challenged. This fact provides less than ideal outcomes for both the learning challenged and those that are not learning challenged. By providing specialty teachers and exclusive classes and schools for the learning challenged we open up the path to success for both groups.


Our public education system is overwhelmed by the mandate forcing them to teach its curriculum in multiple languages.  Non-english speaking students provide an unacceptable cost for taxpayers to bear.  

School Financing

We believe that many schools have a practice of wearing down a voter base to achieve a levy increase.  We envision schools listening when the voters speak and not constantly bombarding the public with requests for money when the voter base has said no.  Our vision would relegate schools to only being able to ask for a levy increase at specified times - i.e. once every 4 years.
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