Our Goals

Our focus is on returning power to the parents, the students, and the people. 

We can’t do this alone. Through our members, we have the ability to engage our education systems and continue to fight for America.  

We invite you to stand with us—there’s too much at stake to stand on the sidelines.  

With your help, we can ensure America remains a land of unprecedented opportunity and the freest, most prosperous nation the world has ever known.


Our Goals

  • To train school board members to:

    • Always put the needs of the students first.
    • Act as the academic accountability agent for our public school systems.
    • Be the fiduciary oversight agents within their districts.
  • To encourage school board members to maintain constant lines of communication with their community.
  • To educate school board members how to:
    • Review and eradicate controversial curriculums that do not serve a benefit to the needs of the student or in creating a civil society.
    • Spot and eliminate special interests curriculum and teacher activists within our schools. To serve as an alert system for parents, students, and school board members.
    • Successfully combat divisive identity politics - to push back against non-profits and professional organizations trumpeting special interests.
  • To encourage school board members to:
    • Lead the world in the transparency of qualitative and quantitative metrics made available to the public.
    • Ensure that the history of America, capitalism, free markets, and American exceptionalism is taught in a fair and  positive light.
    • Work with State Legislators to:
      • Enacts legislation to place the personal responsibility of the education of children with the parents.
      • Adopt a legitimate and robust system that provides for a rating system on a school’s ability to educate students.
      • Limit when schools can petition the public for a levy or millage increase.
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