This section will help you find reliable and trusted resources of information and tools to use while you represent your community by being on the school board. 

A. Connecting with Experts

Obtain information directly from the experts.

Conversation about the Experiences of a School Board Member
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B. Trusted Organizations

Some parents, community members and police are calling for cameras in the classroom:  Unless the school has a personal policy against having cameras on campus, legally it is acceptable to install them. School officials can also confirm with the school's lawyer.  Although many people cite privacy issues when it comes to security camera installation, it is not technically illegal to do so in the classroom.  If classroom cameras are rejected by your district, you can suggest that live streamed and recorded audio recordings can be completed.  

U.S. Parents Involved in Education - Empowering Parents
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Grassroots Organization - Parents Defending Education
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Resources about Parent's Rights in Education
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The Education Action Network - Taking Back America's Schools
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C. School Choice

School Choice Resources.

Reviewing the Pros and Cons of School Choice
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