Kelly Kohls

Dr. Kelly Kohls is a wife of almost 40 years and the mother of five children. She is an educator and a businesswoman. 

As the former president of the Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education, Dr. Kohls also served on the board of education for the Warren County Career Center.

With her extensive background in the field of education, Dr. Kohls has seen public education change in ways that many citizens do not fully understand. Dr. Kohls speaks at gatherings and meetings all over Ohio to train school board members on how to be an effective steward of their community’s public education system.

While public education is the answer for some students, parents should have other options, as well. School choice allows moms and dads to make informed decisions about the educational opportunities that best meet the needs of each student.

Dr. Kohls believes that it is absolutely imperative that we fix our public schools, which have become a money funnel to the adults who then fund the anti-American political agenda.

Rachel Citak

Rob Citak and Rachel Citak own and operate a general practice law firm servicing clients across Ohio and Kentucky. Rob’s experience in constitutional law and election law work together with Rachel’s passion for legal advocacy and public relations law to answer your questions as a past, current, or prospective School Board Members.
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