The NSBLC 2022 Education Summit was held on July 30 in Westerville, OH.  The keynote and breakout sessions were led by nationwide experts on a variety of topics.  All of our sessions were recorded.  The videos are provided for you below.

Dr. Elizabeth Meyers

Understanding the Battle

It is not hyperbolic to say that today’s classrooms are a battlefield of competing worldviews.  Those worldviews affect how policymakers shape their decisions, and those decisions, in turn, drive what happens in the classroom.  We will identify the three most prevalent, examine their philosophical underpinnings, and consider what each has to say about the direction education should take.

Quisha King

The importance of Cottage Meetings and the impact they have on a mother’s life.

I'll be discussing my back story of how I learned about CRT and gender ideologies in my daughter's school. I'll also discuss how that lead me to understand the issues with the American school system and why we need Moms for America Cottage Meeting to raise the next generation of patriots. 

K Carl

Leading with Frederick Douglas Ideas

We can take back our schools if we are wise enough to embrace and leverage the liberty message of America's greatest Liberty messenger. Frederick Douglas.

AJ DePriest

Blood Money and Trojan Horses: Federal ESSER Money in Public Schools.

Most school board members are not aware of how much ESSER funds their districts receive—or what their superintendents and state education commissioners agree to in exchange for billions.

Learn the truth about ESSER funding and how to find and read your district ESSER plans. Use this knowledge to effectively challenge your district to be more fiscally responsible and classical education-focused. Understanding how federal funds flow through schools will make you agents of change, eradicating woke ideologies from classrooms, supporting parental authority, and eliminating student learning loss. 

Jordyn Landau

Introduction to Turning Point USA

Keynote presentation on the work of Tunring Point USA whose mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote freedom.

Dr. James Dittoe

Masks, vaccines and quarantines,
why they fail…

Masks, vaccines and quarantines, why they fail, how they harm and how to protect our children against future "pandemics".

Rachel Citak

Defending Your District, Defending You

This presentation will discuss the legal concerns posed by academic ideologies and policies. This includes a discussion of the potential risks of infringing upon Student and Teacher Free Speech, Religious Free Exercise, and Due Process in disciplinary proceedings. Additionally, this session will address how policies driven by CRT and sexually-charged curriculum can create unforeseen liabilities for your district.

Laura Zorc

Embracing Your Role as a School Board Member with Confidence

Embracing your role as a School Board Member with confidence.  How do you make that happen?

Ceasar LeFlore

When Students Futures Matter

Parents must protect their children from those who would use the education system to advance their vile leftist political agendas.  In the presentation, along with details about CRT and other challenges, we expose the Comprehensive Sex Education agenda designed to change our moral values, and the appalling failure in proficiency ratings in all subjects. 

Tamra Farah

Parental Rights are Fundamental and Supreme

Tamra will reinforce parental rights as supported by federal and state law, as well as Supreme Court precedent, and how school boards can create policies to uphold those rights in their districts.  She will also share about Moms for America’s upcoming initiative in schools, Operation Parental Rights.

Melvin Adams

The State of Education: How did we get here?

A historical perspective on the rise of "Progressive Education" -> Critical Theory -> WOKE ideology and how this "education" is nothing more than ideological means to change culture and society, based on Marxist doctrine.

Melanie Leneghan

Saving Taxpayers Time and Money through Cooperative Purchasing

Melanie Leneghan is an expert in the many obstacles and solutions associated with public purchasing. Ultimately, every dollar spent is your responsibility.  Melanie will help you to no longer be intimidated by the Ohio Revised code and show you how to save millions of tax payer dollars by understanding and realizing the advantages and savings associated with utilizing cooperative purchasing agreements.

Ezra Escudero

Americans for Prosperity

Keynote presentation from Ezra with event Sponsor Americans for Properity.

David Mahan

Center for Christian Virtue

Presentation about the Backpack Bill from David with event sponsor Center for Christian Virtue.

Nate Green

Protecting What Matters Most... Our Students

Securing the classroom for our children.

Richard Urban

Abstinence-Centered Education is the Key to the Success of our Children

I will share classroom materials that talk about the benefits of a forward looking and goal oriented abstinent lifestyle, as well as the consequences of a non-abstinent lifestyle.  I will share parent, student and teacher testimonies about the importance of an abstinence-centered school-based program. We will discuss a draft resolution for boards of education to adopt character and abstinence-based sexual health education.

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